With the technology formed by martial arts Collaboration record of Kusakura Sashiko

Some parts of Kusakura Sashiko's appeal cannot be conveyed just by us. We are actively working on collaborations to convey the appeal of Kusakura Sashiko, "strong and supple" and "durable and long-lasting". We like to present you here some of our collaborations and collaboration achievements.

Tradition was revolutionized into a new form
by the collaboration of a long-established footwear
store × a long-established Kakishibu dyeing store × Kusakura Sashiko.
Comfortable and clean by the power of tradition.

Abe Sangyo × Oomae × Kusakura Sashiko

Washable Babouche and Kakishibu dyeing which stand for excellent antibacterial activity born
from a collaboration of three long-established companies.
The slipper is available in 2 types and 2 colors.

We want to make Kusakura Sashiko casually present in everyday life.
This is how Babouche slipper arised from.
Abe Sangyo is a manufacturer in Kahoku Town, Yamagata Prefecture, which is famous for its regional brand "Kahoku Slipper". It has a long history and is known for its high quality for manufacturing indoor shoes such as slippers and babouche in Japan .
And in Kakishibu dyeing we borrowed the expertise of Oomae.
Oomae is a long-established store in Shiga Prefecture which can look back on a wide range of business success.
With this ability and historic maker, Kusakura Sashiko has newly-created slippers and babouche with its known functionality and design.
Made with a high quality of sewing, the babouche is washable, and the strong and durable fabric of Kusakura Sashiko makes it comfortable for long-term use.
Kakishibu has deodorant and antibacterial properties, which help your feet keeping clean and comfortable at all times.
The product was born by that collaboration and shows a complete new chapter for Kusakura.

From the technique of dyeing with crowdfunding × the technology of Kusakura Sashiko,
a long-established collaboration with the 100-year-old company Kyoto Montsuki has been realized.

Kyoto Montsuki× Kusakura Sashiko

By world's Kyoto Montsuki "SHINKURO"
and dyeing of Kusakura Sashiko,
an over 100 years long-established stores collaboration was realized
and in crowdfunding, it left a record of 468%.

The first product in the memorable Kusakura Sashiko project is a black-dyed T-shirt and mask in collaboration with Kyoto Montsuki, which is known for its traditional "Deep Black" and Hakama with family crest.
Both Kusakura and Kyoto Montsuki are long-established stores that have been in business for over 100 years. The collaboration was realized because they like to take on new challenges while carrying the traditional culture of Japan.
The deep black processing is blacker than common black dyeing, and it was named deep black instead of black because of its low reflectance.
Even so, it does not fade, and due to these characteristics, it is a proven maker who is constantly receiving inquiries from apparel around the world.
It was the first dyeing collaboration by Kusakura Sashiko, but got very popular and has been a great success in crowdfunding.
The collaboration has shown the good compatibility with dyeing and also the possibilities of Kusakura Sashiko.

With our expertise in martial arts, Kusakura Sashiko is looking forward for new collaborations

If you contact us in advance, our expert staff will explain the development process.
From product development to sales, we support you with our 100 years of
experience and specialized knowledge in martial arts clothing.
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